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‘Cliff Hanger’ LaserDisc Arcade Game Promotional Video

Back in 1983 I didn’t have the chance to play Cliff Hanger in the wilds of the arcades in my youth, but I knew about its existence thanks to the arcade game TV show Starcade! Here you can see Cliff Hanger (aka Lupin The Third) being played on that amazing TV show.

See Cliff Hanger in action on Starcade

It wouldn’t be until years later when I learned the Cliff Hanger game was actually just footage from some of the Lupin III films like the Castle of Cagliostro and the Mystery of Mamo. Still, it was a laser disc game and I always found myself regretting that I never had the chance to play the game. This despite laser games often being 50 cents a play and eating up all my money. The graphics were just so far ahead of any other games in the arcade, you could not resist.

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A few weeks back on the No Quarter Podcast, Mike and Carrington discussed the game. In their show notes included the link to the Stern Electronics promotional video you see below. It is a remarkable relic from our gaming past.

A big thank you to Mike and Carrington for the heads up on that awesome video!


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8 thoughts on “‘Cliff Hanger’ LaserDisc Arcade Game Promotional Video

  1. I totally remember the big LD game boom after Dragon’s Lair, and even when this game came out it wasn’t anywhere near the quality of the previous Bluth games. Still playing as Lupin was awesome, and yes, I was made aware that it was Lupin very very shortly after release. Still it’s a great relic.

    Now if you could find video on the “holographic” Time Travel LD game that’d be sweet.

  2. Ugh, that Time Travel game was horrible.

    I got to play Cliff Hanger a lot. My local arcade seemed to get in quite a few LD games when they were hot. There was another one that I can’t remember the name of where you were flying a helicopter but it was all animated.

  3. Cool promo video – thanks Vic. Yet another LD game that I completely suck at. I’ve played Time Traveler locally at a place called Joystix too and the hologram effect is cool, but the gameplay isn’t very fun and gets old very fast.

  4. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Cliff Hanger is one of the best video game experience I ever had!

    Best arcade discovery.
    Most fun advancing to the next level by learning moves.
    Deepened appreciation for animated stories with this cross-genre.
    New favorite anime hero (Lupin the Third) and enjoyment of the original movies in my later years (which also brought back the arcade memories).
    Best spent quarters (this machine was in the bowling alley next door to my house and the first stop after lunch).
    Best overall gamer sensation when I actually won at an arcade game by reaching the end!

    Ah, great retro times.

    And Time Traveler was alright, but not terribly rewarding (very short gameplay and steep learning curve for its higher price)

    I strongly recommend Castle of Cagliostro for lovers of action movies.
    The english dub is very good and culturally-honed.

  5. Ken Blaisdell says:

    I loved this game! I, too, found out much later that this was Lupin III. I remember playing it at the neighborhood convenience store and having a crowd of kids watching me beat the game. I wish someone would release this on some home platform!

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