It Takes Two – Col Troutman before Rambo

It Takes Two – Col Troutman before Rambo


It Takes Two was a short-lived sitcom on ABC, premiering in October 1982 and only lasting for 22 episodes. It was created by Susan Harris, who also created “Soap” and “Benson”. I loved the show, but not sure how I made it through the opening and ever watched the show… The theme song, which Crystal Gayle and Paul Williams sang, was kinda like a root canal, you just wanted it over with… Oh, and if the kitchen in the show looks familiar, it was saved when the show was cancelled, and used unchanged for “The Golden Girls”.

As you can see, the show had a great cast, Richard and Patti were well established stars, and had Helen Hunt and Anthony Edwards early in their careers. The show was funny, and I watched the entire season, but it was not meant to last, Richard Crenna starred in a little film called “First Blood” as Col Troutman, and he had to do several sequels…

Here is the promo…


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  1. I also watched It Takes Two… but yikes, I’d forgotten that theme song! That is sort of a chore to get through. As Helen Hunt’s career took off in later years, I always recognized her as the girl from It Takes Two…

    And Billie Bird! Perhaps best remembered from Dear John, but she popped up on so many 80s sitcoms…

    For some reason I remember one specific (and not particularly good) joke, from 30+ years ago: they’re in the kitchen (as usual), and Helen says she doesn’t want any orange juice, because it “burns a hole in your stomach.” Dad replies with something like “Oh really? Thanks — as a doctor, I should know that!” (Hilarious!)

    And we should note that It Takes Two had its “dad is a doctor/mom is a lawyer” premise a couple of years ahead of the Cosby Show.

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