The Shining ‘Trading Cards’ By Rian Callahan!

I was lucky enough to catch the Shining when it originally was released back in May of 1980, though in my neck of the woods it went straight to the 62 Drive-In theater. It played as the main feature for a month and my Father and I in our continued viewings since have found it doesn’t lose its ability to raise the hairs on the back of our necks.

Would that have stopped me from buying packs of the Shining trading cards? Not for one second. Sadly the classic Stanley Kubrick film was never marketed for the collectible trading card fans. Thankfully we have artist Rian Callahan of the Man Is The Warmest Place to Hide blog for fixing that mistake.

Images courtesy of Rian Callahan and the Man Is The Warmest Place To Hide Blog.
Images courtesy of Rian Callahan and the Man Is The Warmest Place To Hide Blog.

I love the attention to detail on the cards themselves, the worn and weathered look on the edges, you’ll notice they are not all the same. Make sure to visit Rian’s blog to see more cards though be warned that one of them is not safe for work.

The Shining - Trading Cards B - Rian Callahan

The Shining - Trading Cards C - Rian Callahan


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