Monkey’s Blood for those boo-boos

Ah yes, nothing like getting those boo-boos and ouchies when we were kids. If there was no blood, Dad would say his usual two things, either “How many fingers am I holding up” if I cracked my head, or “Walk it off” if it involved anything below the neck. Now, Mama on the other hand, would take care of her little boy. There is nothing greater than having my Mama switch into nurse mode and take care of my bumps, bruises and scrapes. Nothing burned hotter than 40 Hell’s and yet, took the soreness out, like Merthiolate or Mercurochrome. Better know as Monkey’s Blood in my house.

My brother and I were fascinated with the strange reddish greenish color. It took on when you pulled the top off, and the applicator was covered in the stuff, it would almost glow. I had a love – hate relationship with the stuff. I hated the pain of it being applied, but I loved going to school the next day with a big red stain covering my boo boo. Well, four or five days really, you could not scrub that stain off with Ajax. It kinda became a status symbol. He with the most Monkey’s Blood stains was the toughest!

Photo via Ottoline’s Oddities


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