Captain N: The Game Master – “Quest For The Potion Of Power” (1990)

captain N the gamemaster
When Captain N was first announced I was over the moon with excitement, obviously like many others at that time I was fully in the grip of Nintendo fever. I slept on Super Mario Bros./Legend of Zelda bedsheets, I ate Nintendo Cereal way more than I should have and I certainly was flipping through my issues of Nintendo Power when I couldn’t play my NES.

So how about we go back to those heady days? Take a break and join me beside the computer as we watch “Quest for the Potion of Power” from way back on September 8, 1990. This episode has none other than Princess Zelda and Link as guest stars and also happens to have been broadcast one year to the date that the first episode of the Zelda animated series aired!

[Via] Zelda Fan 3D 2011


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