Yeah, I owned a pair of Ferrari’s in the 80’s…

Time to head out to the dance at my Junior High school, never sure to go with the acid washed jeans rolled up tight, Izod shirt with the collar up, or parachute pants and my leather Members Only jacket… One thing for sure, I would be taking my pair of Ferrari’s… Nothing was cooler than being seen out in front of the gym, getting dropped off by my Mom in our brown Ford Pinto wagon, taking a few steps, and stopping to dig the fake leather case out of my pocket, and unfolding my Ferrari’s, and sliding them on. In case anyone had any doubts about which brand of sunglasses they were, the name ‘Ferrari’ was printed right on the top of the left lens, just screaming “Look how cool this guy is!”. That is until you pinched the sweet meat between your thumb and index finger in the joints of the sunglasses while trying to fold them back up and screamed like a schoolgirl. So long Ferrari fold-up sunglasses, we hardly knew ya….



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