Where’s the Dress? By Moe and Joe

During the earlier years of the 1980s, long before we had a proper cable provider in Queens, NY, my family subscribed to HBO. There was a little black box that was drilled into the side of our small TV table, which had a switch on it that you would move from “A” to “B” in order to tune in to the station. HBO used to have its own ½ hour video show called “HBO Video Jukebox,” but they would also often show music videos as filler in between the movies. One video that I vividly recall, and one that I probably recorded on a VHS tape no less than five times was Moe and Joe’s “Where’s the Dress?”

Already well-established singers in country music, Moe Bandy and Joe Stampley paired up in the early ’80s and did some humorous, parody-ish songs. “Where’s the Dress,” a good-natured send-up of Boy George and his very successful cross-dressing ways, actually won a Best Country Video award, but the duo wound up facing copyright problems when Culture Club sued them for copyright infringement for using the opening melody from “Karma Chameleon” in their song. To this day, I still think this video is hilarious.


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