The Campbell Lockers in a Commercial for Schlitz


I love any appearance by the legendary Campell Lockers, even if I know they are about to get attacked by that infernal bull. Why are you so angry Bull? Why??

The Lockers lineup in this ad is classic and consists of Don ‘Campbellock’ Campbell, Fred ‘Mr. Penguin’ Berry (Rerun), Toni Basil, Adolpho “Shabba Doo’ Quinones, Bill ‘Slim The Robot’ Williams, Greg ‘Campbellock Jr.’ Pope and Leo ‘ Fluky Luke’ Williamson.


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3 thoughts on “The Campbell Lockers in a Commercial for Schlitz

  1. A lot of “stars” got their start as dancers with the Campbell Lockers. Rerun from “What’s Happening”, Ozone from the Breakin’ films and Toni Basil of “Mickey” fame just to name a few.

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