Bearcat Radio Scanner

I’ve had a fascination with radio scanners for many years. (In fact I dedicated an entire episode of You Don’t Know Flack to them a few months ago.) I have a couple of handheld models but have always wanted a desktop model that I could just turn on and scan through random radio signals.

I found this one sitting in a thrift store for a couple of bucks. I plugged it into a wall outlet and static came out of the speaker. Assuming it worked, I brought it home. Unfortunately, a friend of mine who knows much more about these old scanners than I do informed me that this particular radio scanner (a) requires crystals to pick up specific frequencies, and (b) was missing all the crystals. I’m a fan of vintage electronics, but sometimes the newer ones are much easier to get up and running.

This one will probably end up sitting on my shelf until I get around to re-donating it or finding a new home. I sure do like the look of it though.

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