Bearcat Radio Scanner

Bearcat Radio Scanner

I’ve had a fascination with radio scanners for many years. (In fact I dedicated an entire episode of You Don’t Know Flack to them a few months ago.) I have a couple of handheld models but have always wanted a desktop model that I could just turn on and scan through random radio signals.

I found this one sitting in a thrift store for a couple of bucks. I plugged it into a wall outlet and static came out of the speaker. Assuming it worked, I brought it home. Unfortunately, a friend of mine who knows much more about these old scanners than I do informed me that this particular radio scanner (a) requires crystals to pick up specific frequencies, and (b) was missing all the crystals. I’m a fan of vintage electronics, but sometimes the newer ones are much easier to get up and running.

This one will probably end up sitting on my shelf until I get around to re-donating it or finding a new home. I sure do like the look of it though.

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  1. Never give up, never surrender…

  2. They may still sell crystals at Radio Shack. I know they have them at Fry’s Electronics.
    Stranger things have been known to happen. But you’re right, the solid state hand-held type are much easier to work with. This type with the crystals is really there for local signals like FD and Police – you find out their freq’s and then just get the appropriate crystals.

  3. I think we might have had that when I was about 5. It looks familiar, and the name is familiar.

  4. The PD in this state, and I’m guessing most of the country, have switched to digital transmission that can’t be picked up with these old scanners. I guess that is why I keep seeing nice scanners for very little money lately.

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