Remember Summit Candy Bars?

Remember Summit Candy Bars?


Though the list of my favorite candy bars discontinued in the ’80s is lengthy—Marathon, Sugar Mama, Reggie, and Yoo-Hoo among them—I think about Summit bars the most. Two Twix-sized, chocolate cream wafer cookies were sprinkled with chopped peanuts then covered in milk chocolate, and the logo sported the two M’s in Summit as mountain peaks. The bars often melted slightly, which forced me to scrape the chocolate from the insides of the wrappers. I ate these by the case, especially during the summer of their mail-in offer: one 45-rpm record from select rock bands, free with ten Summit wrappers. I scored three of ’em that I still own to this day: “Find Your Way Back” by Jefferson Starship, “Hold On Loosely” by .38 Special, and “Don’t Let Him Go” by REO Speedwagon. No one knows why Mars, Inc. stopped production of Summit bars in the mid-’80s, but they sure were scrumptious while they lasted. Summit, gimme a break!

Chris Ayers

Chris is mega-excited to contribute his wacky ideas to Retroist, because he thinks that there wasn't any better era for growing up than the '70s & '80s. He also contributes to Exclaim! Magazine,, and Metal Urges Podcast.

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  1. This was my favorite candy bar of all time!

  2. Great little article about a classic candy bar.

  3. I do not remember these. They sound kind of like the original Bar None before they added (unnecessary) caramel.

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