Saturday Frights: Monsters – “The Mother Instinct” (1989)

Saturday Frights: Monsters – “The Mother Instinct” (1989)

Saturday Frights - Sean Hartter

Vic Sage here! Friend to the site Phisbon3s has been gracious enough to agree to be guest programmer for this week, so without further ado…

I am presenting, for your viewing displeasure; season 1 – episode 15 of Monsters ” The Mother Instinct”. This episode aired Feb 18th, 1989.

We are show the plight of Sheila (Finn Carter), a woman who is unfortunately married to Nelson (Tom Gilroy), a jerkwad who abuses her but leaves her craving his love and attention. She visits her mother (Elizabeth Franz), who is wheelchair bound and spends most her time in her garden tending her melons and making melon smoothies . Nelson tries to butter up Mother with black forest cake, so he can get $5,000 to pay off his gambling debt. Mother stands firm on her refusal to give any more money. Nelson tries to lay on the guilt of how Sheila will have to live in “a bad neighborhood” and a laundry list of other “if you don’t help us you are abandoning your child and a bad mother” reasons that Nelson just tosses at her. All the while Sheila just agrees with her JERK… I mean husband. But Mother stands firm still and like a boss, is not bullied into giving up a penny, let alone five grand.

He even threatens that if she doesn’t give him the money, he will make Sheila’s life even worse than it is now… whahahahahahaha. Mother still refuses. Nelson threatens Mother and even smacks Sheila. This makes Mother angry. And you wouldn’t like her when she’s angry! She gets Nelson in a One Handed Choke Hold against the wall, AFTER standing up. Mother reads him the riot act about striking her daughter and tosses him down. We find out that the melons supercharge your body for a brief period of time, hence her ability to stand and toss the fool.

After a “talk” with Mother, Nelson tries to make a deal with her that they can make oodles of money with this miracle juice. He again tries to use Sheila’s safety against her, to get her to agree. The slimy git still plays loving and “regretful-for-all-my-beatings” husband to Sheila. Nelson and Sheila catches Mother talking to her plants,so Nelson convinces Sheila to help him steal some of the melons to sell.
That night Nelson and Sheila break into the indoor melon garden to “acquire” some of the melons. To say it doesn’t end well, is an understatement. They survive the encounter.
The next morning, Nelson even guilts Sheila into giving him her delicious french toast breakfast, the heel!

Learning the secret of the Melon Patch, Nelson decides to gamble and try again! He learns the hard way to never mess with The Mother Instinct.
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