Country Time Lemonade Commercials

Country Time Lemonade Commercials

We are having an unseasonably cool August in the Bay Area. That’s fine with me. With the cool temperatures and the recent Yankee Candle Halloween releases, I’m able to convince myself it is Fall, my favorite time of year. Yet the cool temperatures did bring up a fairly emotionally-charged memory as I was walking the trail the other day, a memory about Country Time Lemonade commercials.

Country Time

Country Time Lemonade had two ad campaigns that I remember. The first featured the charming and wacky exploits of a character named Grandpa who just loved his Country Time Lemonade. The hook of this campaign (besides Grandpa)was the upbeat jingle “Country Time, Country Time, tastes like that good old fashioned lemonade”. Here’s a few samples:

Following this (I think) was a more subdued campaign in which an unseen narrator lauded the blessings of summer over top of pictures summertime scenes and nostalgic music. In one of these (which I can’t find) the narrator talks about how the summer is coming to an end and there are just a few days left to enjoy Country Time. Being an adult lover of Autumn, that idea doesn’t bother me so much, but as a tween who loved summer break, it was heartrending. Here are a few other examples of this one:

Again, these commercials don’t affect me the way they used to. I’m quite happy to see summer go, and I don’t think the “memories” I’m making during that season are any better than the memories I’m making any other time. Still, I remember when I used to see these commercials in heavy rotation during summertime afternoon TV viewing or while watching USA Network late and night, and I was struck by a sudden desire to soak up all the goodness I could during the summer season. That and a sudden desire for a glass of lemonade.


Doug is a child of the 80s who was raised in Ohio and is now living the life of oblivion in the bay area of California.

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