1982 Atari ‘FireWorld’ T-Shirt Is Epic!

Image courtesy of Atari Mania.
Image courtesy of Atari Mania.

You will not be able to convince me that if you walked into a nearby arcade today wearing this amazing SwordQuest ‘FireWorld’ T-shirt that you would not be treated like the member of video game royalty that you obviously are.

Tarra astride a lava Unicorn? Check. Torr standing atop a rocky outcropping bravely drawing his blade as the stone beneath his feet begins to show signs of crumbling because of hot magma? Check. Of course there is also the gigantic Phoenix challenging the twins to battle! All those images combined to form an epic offering for clothing choice for fans of the Atari 2600 back in 1982…and even today.

I’m not positive but I think you could have only received one of these shirts back in the day when you became a member of the Atari Club during the SwordQuest push.

A big thanks to Atari Mania for the T-shirt image!


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