Vintage Fisher-Price Sesame Street Playset

I had this same playset when I was a kid and I remember, along with my sister, spending a lot of time playing with it. I may have been a little younger than my daughter is now (she’s eight), but when I saw one for sale recently at an antique mall it brought back so many good memories that I decided to bring it home and see if my daughter might enjoy it as much as I did.

Morgan spent a few minutes checking things out. She opened everything that opened, moved everything that moved, and eventually emptied everything out.

Once everything was out, she began putting items one by one into each room, moving them around and arranging things the way she wanted them. Once she had everything “just so” she began playing with the included figures. Unfortunately, and this reflects a deficiency on my part, she did not know who all the characters were. I figured this out when I saw Cookie Monster in Big Bird’s nest, Mr. Hooper in Bert and Ernie’s apartment, and Oscar the Grouch running the general store.

Sadly her interest in the toy was short lived and the lure of iPads and digital cable eventually pulled her back. For thirty minutes or so, Morgan had a good time exploring and I had a good time reminiscing.

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