The Totally Sweet ’90s – Book Review

I’m happy to report that thanks to Perigee Books, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of reviewing the latest book of nostalgia by Gael Fahsingbauer Cooper and Brian Bellmont. My friends, you might remember these authors were responsible for bringing us the fantastic Whatever Happened To Pudding Pops? a couple of years ago.

Well they have returned with ‘The Totally Sweet ’90s’ book and I’m glad to say that there signature style of humor is still present with each of their selected topics. Whether that concern Teddy Ruxpin, the Spice Girls, the McRib, or the Adventures of Pete and Pete!

Book image courtesy of Perigee Books.
Book image courtesy of Penguin Books.

This new book like ‘Whatever Happened To Pudding Pops?’ is arranged in alphabetical order and continues to give about a paragraph of information on the chosen subject matter including humorous anecdotes. Gone from this book is the X-Tinction Rating though it has been replaced with a status, letting the reader know if and when the toy, TV show, or band ended or was brought back for a new generation. The book keeps delivering fun facts on each subject matter and I found myself surprised more than once by the revealing information!

Of course the greatest gift that Gael and Brian bestow upon the reader is that of nostalgia. Of course you probably know that since you are visiting the Retroist. Curling up with ‘The Totally Sweet ’90s’ allows one to travel back and smile at the high points of youth in the 90s and chuckle heartily at some of the pop culture landmines that can be found. The Y2K Panic, Bill Nye the Science Guy, the Mac Classic II, Giant cell phones, Dunkaroos, and many more are waiting for you to become reacquainted.

You can pick up a copy of the book for yourself at your local bookstore or by visiting Penguin.Com or Amazon.Com.


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