Monsters – “One Wolf’s Family” (1990)

Monsters – “One Wolf’s Family” (1990)

This week we are howling with anticipation as we bring you “One Wolf’s Family” from season Episode 17/Season 2 of Monsters!

The episode revolves around the family of Victor and Greta a middle aged immigrant couple as they prepare for the engagement dinner of their only daughter. Spirits are high as Victor reflects on how great America has been for them compared to the persecution and hatred they faced in “the old country.” Victor is excited to meet their daughter’s fiance Stanley for the first time.

Apparently Mrs Peabody has been snooping around after finding dog tracks in her rose garden. It’s Victor’s fault for taking a short cut. While he chased that jogger. The one in the fridge. Because they eat people. Because they’re…Werewolves!!!

During the conversation, The wife let’s slip that their daughter’s engagement is a bit of a “mixed relationship” Stanley is a were-hyena. Horrible, obnoxious disgusting scavenging creatures. Victor appropriately flies into a rage and goes alpha! He forbids the marriage and announces that Stanley will not so much as step foot in their home! He forgets however that his wife is a wife as she immediately takes control and puts him in his place. The meal WILL go on as planned.

Mrs Peabody shows up and basically forces her way inside under the paper thin pretense of borrowing a cup of cheese. She frantically looks around the house for weird stuff and gets an eye full. Three cookbooks all about MEAT. Scary looking tools hung up where kitchen utensils should be and a beef diagram handing next to a human biology chart on the fridge.

They finally get Peabody to leave and we cut to the dinner. And Stanley is in super-hyena mode. Eating bones, drinking all Most of Victor’s “half a day’s pay bottle of wine” and belching. All the while keeping up the most obnoxious laugh you’ve ever heard.
The dinner goes ugly really quick as victor’s simmering fury finally erupts. He transforms into wolf mode and threatens Stanley and his people by saying they are all alike. Cowards. Stanley responds by running terrified out of the house.

We see Peabody, snooping around the yard with a camera like some kind of ridiculous suburban cryptid hunter. She pears into their windows listening to their conversations. She finally looks into the kitchen window and sees Victor, still in wolf form eating a human foot. She takes photos, goes home and calls the cops.

Victor, relaxing in an easy chair is given an inspiring speech about acceptance by Greta. While he seems to soften to the idea, we see Stanley in the front yard, pacing and trying to pump himself up to stand up for himself! Greta shows up and mistakes him for a cop. Telling him all about the werewolves and the photographic proof she has.

Right after victor agrees to let the marriage go ahead, Stanley bursts through the door valiantly and declares his love for Victor’s daughter! He finally has a backbone and proof that he can provide. He brought dessert, in the form of Mrs Peabody’s head in a box. Delicious.


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  1. Awesome choice for Saturday Frights, CW! I can remember this Monsters episode very well, originally saw it on the WGN station on a Sunday night back in my youth. Talked about it with some High-School friends the next day. :)

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