In the 1980s, the Burger King Croissan’Wich was on my Mind


In 1983 the Croissan’Wich was released by Burger King, but it would a while before I would have one. I would ask if we could go get one, but I could not get a single member of my family to bring me. Since I could not drive and the nearest Burger King was 10 years away I had to wait until I could drive myself. I remember getting my first one, mostly because a really bad snowstorm started on my way home and my Mom was freaking out when I got home. She thought I would skid off the road or something.

Even though I remember the trip, I do not recall being wowed by it. Which is mostly how I feel about this breakfast offering today. In advertisements it is very appealing, but when I go and get one, it feels forgettable.

The power of advertising!


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