How to Prepare Your Family for Y2K


Every few years a world ending mania needs to sweep through the media. We had the 2012 stuff last year and just a short decade before that we had the Y2K scare. The years might changes, but the message being thrown at people is always the same, prepare or be doomed. Of course, nothing happened in these last doomsday scenarios, but I have it on good authority according to the “Beans Baxter Prophecy” that the world is really going to end in 2016. I have learned through unidentified online sources that this was all foretold in the works of Savage Steve Holland and is waiting to be decoded.

So, while I work on decoding it all, why not enjoy part 1 of some Y2K madness that the PAX network ran at the turn of the millennium, How to Prepare Your Family for Y2K.

Oh and be afraid!


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2 thoughts on “How to Prepare Your Family for Y2K

  1. Batfan says:

    Me and my brothers counted down the seconds on New Years Eve, in front of our computer. Most anti-climactic New Years, ever.

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