“REWIND THIS!” – VHS Documentary Trailer
Image courtesy of IMP Awards.

“REWIND THIS!” – VHS Documentary Trailer

Image courtesy of IMP Awards.
Image courtesy of IMP Awards.

Yesterday I was made aware of this awesome documentary that focuses on the impact of the VHS tape back in the 80s. This nostalgic look back sheds light on everything from the way our watching of films was changed to the types of movies that were created and how they were marketed. Also discussed is the legacy that has been left behind by the VHS tape including the films that have yet to be transferred to DVD or preserved for future generations and VHS is the only format available.

The film features interviews with the likes of industry veterans Lloyd Kaufman, Cassandra Peterson, Charles Band, Kevin Tenney, Frank Hennenlotter, and Drew McWeeney to name a few.

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The film premiered at the South By Southwest film festival last March and is currently traveling to film festivals around the world. So make sure to follow the link to the official REWIND THIS! site to check out if it might be screening in a theater near you!

A big thanks as always to IMP Awards for the poster you see up top.


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  1. That poster is so good, I had to read the whole article to convince me it was not from 1984.

  2. Interesting find – I’ll have to check out that movie. I dumped almost all my old VHS tapes long ago but now wish I’d kept a few like my Star Wars trilogy box set. I still have a couple of VCRs just no tapes other than home movies I never converted. Still plan on getting a laser disc player one of these days too, but I digress. Thanks Vic!

  3. @Scott Simpson I totally agree with you 100%!
    @MadPlanet I hear ya, friend. I had to go through my collection because it had grown too large but I didn’t drop anything that I didn’t have on DVD…which means the collection is still too large. Ha, ha.

    I might have some very exciting news concerning the screening of the film to share with you all soon. Keep your fingers crossed. :)

  4. Saw this last week at our local film fest (which ends this weekend).
    And it is amazing!

    Watching it as an 80s VHS-Gen movielover is an almost indescribable pleasure, an ode to the days of chasing down a title because We Love Movies.

    Yeah, and in the Q&A after our screening, the filmmakers (who made this from a Kickstarter fund) said they had over a hundred hours of footage from over 60 interviews.
    Some bits in the trailer above didn’t even make it on the version I saw (which was like 90-minute Tapehead Nirvana to me) and they mentioned adding extra stuff in the DVD (and hopefully, maybe, even put this doc on VHS…cuz of course they should!).

    Seek this one out! Buy it! Watch it with friends and remember the good old days of building-up excitement for an upcoming title, seeing it on the shelf and grabbing it before the kid next to you does, as he breaks down in tears and you smile, blissfully, willfully unaware of a stranger’s chagrin because you *know* your TV will be happy tonight.

    Or watch it with a young ‘un and marvel at his quizzical looks on that rectangular box, the misty-eyed look on yourself as you praise the washed-out, track-lined images of clips of retro goodies played out in the doc.

    Yes! Yes! The salad days of home cinema was the best of times on new-arrival-day, it was the worst of times when tapes got stuck in the player.
    It was the wise-old age of dreams-in-a-box, an age of foolish pride in Ninja titles.
    An epoch in under an hour-and-a-half.
    Weekly (or daily, during summertime), it was a time of hope and despair as anticipated blockbusters disappointed, or no-name wonders renewed our faith in humanity (the low-budget humans with marvelous and resourceful ideas – Lloyd Kaufman, lookin’ at you!).

    The dickens you say? No! I say.
    It was just simply a great time to love movies and ‘Rewind This’ brings it all back.

  5. I must see this!

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