Intellivision Comic Book Ads

I never had an Intellivision. I never even saw one. I saw these ads for Intellivision games, though. I didn’t know they were for Intellivision games, but I knew whatever games they were advertising were awesome. The He-Man one really just gets by on the strength of He-Man (which is, of course, a lot of strength), but the AD&D one is entrancing. Look at all the danger coming at that guy from every angle. I spent a lot of time looking at this ad in the 80s, wondering what would happen next and what I would do if (when) I was in his elfen shoes.




Doug is a child of the 80s who was raised in Ohio and is now living the life of oblivion in the bay area of California.

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4 thoughts on “Intellivision Comic Book Ads

  1. vinvectrex says:

    Good question, Doug. No point in shooting the ghost, though. Unless he’s got some enchanted arrows that work on spirits. In any event, that ad sure sells the game.

  2. That’s what I thought at the time, Vin. So I figure he shoots and kills the dragon he is aiming at, then somersaults to his right away from the ghost. As he somersaults, he turns so that when he is facing the snakes when he springs to his feet. He then shoots and kills them. He then somersaults again away from and to face the ghost, which he dispatches with a spell he certainly has on his person. On to the next challenge!

  3. GuitarAnthony says:

    I always hated Treasures of Tarmin was an Intellivision exclusive. I had always hoped for a Colecovision release at the time but it never happened, sadly.

  4. Grew up with these on the back of my comic books! Great memories from these. I havent played the D&D game however had a great time with the Masters Of The Universe game via the joys of emulation!

    The graphics on MOTU were ahead of its time! Very impressive and fun!

    Someone needs to do a comprehensive comic book back cover Retroist post as there is so much content out there it needs to be collected!!

    Thanks for bringing these back for a new audience!

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