Full On YouTube – Nightmare on the 13th Floor

Did you know you can see some of the best movies from our childhoods on YouTube in their entirety? They are
In the late 80s and I think early 90s, USA Network made and aired a lot of original movies. Like all original movies of all cable channels, USA movies had a unique flavor. I loved that flavor and happily watched movies like Hider in the House starring Gary Busey and Strays starring Timothy Busfield. On our latest episode of 80s Anthologies Episode By Episode, Vic informed us about a USA movie I missed back then. It was called Nightmare on the 13th Floor. Fortunately, we have a whole lot of resources today we didn’t have in the 80s, and I am able to catch what I missed. A quick search revealed that Nightmare on the 13th Floor is full on YouTube. It has Spanish subtitles, but it is still full on YouTube.

If you want a little more of this USA original movie flavor, check out these promos.

And if you’re interested in Hider in the House or Strays, you can find them here and here.


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