Are you a Dangerous Sword Wielding Thrill Seeker? How about some Stamp Collecting?

My Uncle worked for the US Postal Service and one day, just out of the blue, he brought over a book on stamp collecting to give me. In addition to the book, he would also bring me weird and exotic stamps that people in the office put aside for him. He was not a collector, but he said, and I quote, “I thought this was the perfect hobby for you”. I did enjoy stamp collecting, but it was only much later that I would try to figure out why he thought I would make a perfect stamp collector.

But that all changed once I saw this ad about Stamp Collecting. I always thought that he considered me a bookish, sun hating flower that needed to spend my weekends organizing small pieces of paper and looking them up in books. Now I know that he realized it was the fast-track to a life of adventure and sword wielding excitement. I really wish I had seen this ad sooner, since I kinda went a long way down that first life-path already.


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