LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Reveals New Addition To Upcoming Video Game…Howard The Duck!

Image courtesy of Comics Alliance.
Image courtesy of Comics Alliance.

Thanks to Comics Alliance for sharing this bit of awesome retro related news! It seems that after Comic-Con 2013 wrapped up Traveller’s Tales announced more of the roster of playable heroes and villains for their upcoming LEGO Marvel Super Heroes title and for the most part the names are what you might expect: Doctor Doom, Magneto, Juggernaut, Invisible Woman, the Punisher, and the Rhino to name just a few…but then they also included Howard the Duck.

Let me repeat that. They are including the fan-favorite 1973 existentialist anthropomorphic Howard the Duck…which just made what looks to be an already awesome LEGO title even greater!

Howard the Duck - Marvel Comics

I wonder if with the inclusion of Howard the Duck that it’s too much to hope that his old pal Man-Thing might not be included as well?

Image courtesy of Marvel.Com
Image courtesy of Marvel.Com


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