Late 1980s Chuck E. Cheese Live Show Performance


This was filmed in that weird period before Showbiz Pizza has completely faded and before they went all Chuck E. Cheese. So you get some nice merging of characters and appearances. This was some sort of demo, which is why the place is so empty. I like to picture me as a kid, stumbling into the place right as it opened and getting this sort of free show. Where Chuck E. is the star performer and I get to be the star audience member.


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2 thoughts on “Late 1980s Chuck E. Cheese Live Show Performance

  1. DrNobody says:

    I kind of skimmed through the video, and only saw the Chuck E. Cheese characters… I didn’t see any of the Rock-a-fire Explosion in there… :^) Apparently, according to their creator (Aaron Fecther), he’s trying to have them tour as an animatronic band… Should be interesting if he can pull it off!! He did put up a video a while back of the show they did with Cee-Lo Green in Vegas!!

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