Hostess Munchies

Hostess Munchies

A recent entry about Hostess Chips sent me back into Nostalgia Land and had me remembering about the Munchies mascots and their effigy in stuffed dolls form.


I do remember seeing an ad about them, when I was a young girl. As far as I remember, in order to get them, you needed to mail lots of UPC symbols at the chip’s company and that would have been quite a task for the child I was.

Unfortunately, not much information can be found about the Munchies toys online. I did find that the promotion was available through the 80’s and mid-90’s and that 100 UPC symbols were required for *each* one of them! That would make a lot of bags of chips and I seriously doubt that my mother would have let me eat so many.

These dolls would have probably made a great addition to my collection back then, but since it never happened, I may use an online auction website to get my hands on some of them now, or to keep things sporting, I will keep my eyes open and try to find one while browsing flea markets and garage sales, which would be sweeter.

I just hope that someday these will be part of my collection. Enjoy your day. End of line.

Atomic Amelyn

Born in the glorious year of 1985, Amelyn (called Ame by her friends) is an avid comics fan, a video games collector, a cartoons enthusiast, a sci-fi geek and many other things. She loves kitties, the Martian Manhunter, Snickers bars and pizza-flavoured Pringles, among many other things. The thing she hates the most is not being taken seriously in the geekdom, because of her status as a woman. "Girls loves Deadpool, too!", she would say. Besides collecting, reading and sleeping, her others hobbies would include game modding. Her friends would confirm that she spent as much time as playing Fallout as she spent time modding it. Also, she would always finish her blog post with the term "End of line".

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  1. I really wish I had kept mine. I had the BBQ one. My dad owned a grocery store, so I remember getting all sorts of premiums like this for free.

  2. 100 UPC symbols is A LOT of chips. How did anyone get these without pooling?

  3. Well, from the scarce information I found, some kid would scout his neighborhood for littered bags and that’s how he accumulated enough UPC symbols to get all three dolls.

    Unfortunately for me, I lived in a pretty clean neighborhood.

  4. I have the red one a friend gave me it , still in great shape .

  5. I have a red one that I would sell

  6. I have several of these of each color still in the plastic bags if anyone is looking for them still, give me a shout.

  7. My wife has the complete set as well as the blue female hostess munchie , which I believe was never released to the general public……has anyone ever seen this one ? Give some info to its worth ? Curious to know!

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