Kenny Baker sings Teach Me To Love

I briefly worked with a guy named “James Brown.” Every time someone would page him over the intercom, everybody would yell “God God Y’all!” and do a little dance. It never got old.

I highly doubt that the Kenny Baker that recorded this album is the same one we all know as the man inside R2-D2, but it would be awesome if it were. I can hear the chorus now: “Teach me to love, beep-boop-boop-beep, OH teach me to love, beep-beep-boop-beeeeeeeeeeeeep!”

Rob O'Hara

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One thought on “Kenny Baker sings Teach Me To Love

  1. Alphacentaurian says:

    This is probably done by the Kenny Baker who was the Tenor on the Jack Benny show, before he was replaced by Dennis Day in 1939.

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