You want to be a Cool Rider?  Learn the words to Grease 2’s “Who’s that Guy”

You want to be a Cool Rider? Learn the words to Grease 2’s “Who’s that Guy”


Grease was a big deal in my family. We had the album, we went and saw some amateur performances of it and of course we watched the movie whenever it was available (I think we had a constant hold on it at the video store). My sisters loved Travolta, my Mother loved Fifties Nostalgia and I just loved musicals, so it was the perfect storm.

When Grease 2 came out we saw it on opening weekend with high expectations and while my sisters and Mom were disappointed, I was not as discerning and proclaimed my love for the film often and loudly. I would continue to do so when it hit cable TV a few years later. While it ran there, I distinctly remember acting out scenes to the film with my cousins (it was far worse and more embarrassing than it sounds).

Of all the magic moments in this lesser Grease (yes, I realize it now), one has always stuck with me. It is by far my favorite moment in the entire film and makes my heart soar and sets me to giggling every time. It is during the song “Who’s that Guy”. Michael is atop a car and basking in the glow of being the coolest rider in the world, when in response to one of the many “who’s that guys”, he internalizes the response, “what would they say if they knew it was Michael?”

I cannot explain why it tickles me so, but it does even now. So I invite you to join me in enjoying it as well.

Can’t take listening to the song? Jump forward, it takes place at a little after the 2 minute mark in this video…

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