Klix by Tiger

I have always been a big fan of the portable board games of the 80s, as you can see in these earlier posts on Triple Flips and Flipsiders. I recently discovered another set of such portable board games that I hadn’t know about: Klix from Tiger.
Klix looks to be pretty similar to Triple Flips and Flipsiders. In some ways, Klix seems to be lacking in comparison to these other two brands. It doesn’t seem to have the gimmick they had. In another way, though, it seems to be even better because it had some awesome titles. These titles not only include the horror-themed Gravestalker, which certainly would have caught my attention, but also board game versions of Gauntlet and Double Dragon.
You can see more pictures of Klix at boardgamegeek.com. You can also find a couple on Ebay, but they are pretty pricey.


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