“Captain Picard’s Mean Pizza-Launchin’ Machine” By Brandon Bird!

Image courtesy of Brandon Bird.Com
Image courtesy of Brandon Bird.Com

During the original run of Star Trek: The Next Generation there were many characters on the show that Playmates toys immortalized in collectible plastic form. There were the obvious choices of Captain Picard, Data, Worf…
[Via] St. Louis Cardinals 1991
…and Lt. Reginald Endicott Barclay III! What? You don’t consider your collection complete without a plastic version of Dwight Schultz like I do? Hey, don’t judge me.
Lt. Barclay
Thankfully we have the genius of Brandon Bird and his illustration up top to show us where Playmates toys really dropped the ball! What could the Borg do but run from the hot and tasty doughy missiles that Captain Picard’s Mean Pizza-Launchin’ Machine could deliver?

Brandon Bird has an upcoming book by the way entitled “Brandon Bird’s Astonishing World of Art” which you can pre-order from the link provided.


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