Happy Days Fonz Pinball

Happy Days Fonz Pinball Table

At every thrift store and antique mall I visit, I always search every nook and cranny to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I found this gem hiding in a back area that I had almost missed. The seller had just finished cleaning it up and had put a price tag on it moments before I stuck my head around the corner. It was a Happy Days Fonz Pinball table! I was enchanted.

happy days fonz pinball close-up

These Happy Days Fonz Pinball tables were made by Coleco and sold in the mid-seventies. While they were mostly plastic and of course scaled down in size from real pinball tables, what kid wouldn’t want to hang out with the Fonz while playing the silver ball?

Plus it gives you an opportunity to practice the Fonz special power over machinery. His near magical understanding of how the universe function has given him a special knock. He just taps a machine and it bends to his will.

With your very own Happy Days Fonz Pinball Table you can practice this for hours. I would suggest waiting to get it home first though. Tapping the merchandise while in an antique is generally frowned upon. Lucky, much like the Fonz, I am very charming. I just stuck out my thumbs, twirled around and said, “ayyyy.” Just like that all was forgiven.

Enjoy this classic commercial for the Happy Days Fonz Pinball Table


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