Saturday Frights: New Alfred Hitchcock Presents – The Specialty of the House (1987)

Saturday Frights - Sean Hartter
Welcome back to all of you fans of fiendish film and TV! Vic Sage here, this week we have a guest programmer. This evening’s entertainment is presented by none other than fellow Retroist writer Doug McCoy!

This episode of the 80s Alfred Hitchcock Presents records an epic battle between a newspaper food critic and a restaurateur over the secret ingredient in the restaurateur’s “lamb fritters”. The battle, and the bulk of the episode, are not that noteworthy, but in typical AHP fashion, the final scene of terrifying realization playing across John Saxon’s face as he looks at what he has just pulled out of the freezer really brings it home.

I saw “The Specialty of the House” when AHP was running on the USA Network, but unlike so many of the others, I had completely forgotten it until I stumbled across it while looking for an episode to watch. As soon as it started, the memories came back. To be honest, the mystery ingredient should have been obvious from the beginning, but a middle-school me completely missed it, and when the big reveal came, it hit me as hard as…well, watch the ending and you’ll see what it hit me as hard as.
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“The Specialty of the House” was a remake of this original AHP episode, which I haven’t seen. Yet.
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