Need to do some Damage? How about a Ghostbusters and TMNT Teamup?

In my wildest imagination, these are not two franchises I would put together. But I think if you put Raphael and Venkman together, they could do some real damage.

[via] Jonathan


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5 thoughts on “Need to do some Damage? How about a Ghostbusters and TMNT Teamup?

  1. Spotted Feather says:

    The Ghostbusters part looks good. But the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles part looks like steroid crap. Sorry.

  2. Well, this looks awesome to me. Perhaps our two heroes have been cast into an alternate dimension and they’ve been forced to adapt to their new hostile environment? Because it looks like Ralph is carrying some kind of gun and Venkman looks to be carrying a positron shotgun. :)

  3. DrNobody says:

    Sweet!! I’d love to see any of the old cartoons of the 80’s/90’s team up… I’m partial to TMNT/Thundercats myself, but definitely see this as being a win of a team-up… Hopefully someone at IDW is seeing the above image… ;^)

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