Holy Dynamic Comics, Batman!

Holy Dynamic Comics, Batman!


DC comics is releasing a new comic based on the 1966 Batman TV series. It features the comic likeness of Adam West and all the other actors from the show, the classic Batmobile, the campiness, and even the cartoony “BAM!” and “POW!” type effects. At the moment the comic is only available in digital form, with good reason… The Batman ’66 comic is the first in DC’s new “DC²” line of dynamic comics. What are dynamic comics you ask? They are something more than plain comics, but less than motion comics. As you go to the next “page”, new speech balloons will pop up, some old ones might go away, panels might suddenly change color palettes, more panels might appear on a previously blank page, etc, etc. It’s definitely a different experience from conventional comics, though I’m not sure it’s “better” per se. While it does take advantage of the digital medium and does add more interest, it also forces you to progress at a predetermined rate & manner. In the end, I don’t think either one is better than the other, it’s just a mood or preference issue.

While these comics will be digital-only at first, they do intend to print them in conventional format later, it will be interesting to see how they actually accomplish that. You can get some more details and see a video of the “dynamic comic” format on this page.


On a side note, this dynamic comic concept was actually used by Marvel in their DotComics about a decade ago. I recall reading a Spider-Man comic there back then, which had a panel-by-panel progression & speech balloons appearing in previously empty ares, much like this new Batman comic.


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  1. Missing an ‘M’ in the URL:

    As for the concept, I’m going to have to follow the “If you can’t say anything nice…” rule on this one. ;)

  2. That missing M was all me. Fixed now.

  3. > That missing M was all me. Fixed now.

    And here I was blaming it on Catwoman…

  4. Ha! Well, I had seen her lurking about and I noticed she now spells her name “Catwomman”.

  5. The print version simply discards all the “dynamic” aspects, compiling what was 6 “pages” in the digital version down into 2 panels in the print version. This is precisely the polar opposite of what marvel did with their dotcomics & cybercomics.

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