Crazy Climber Arcade Flyer Version 2 (1980)

Crazy Climber marquee
We’ve talked about how awesome the classic arcade game Crazy Climber is on the site once or twice before but to help illustrate the mechanics of the game we’re sharing this rather colorful second version of the arcade flyer. Gone is the Towering Inferno styled flyer, instead we learn that the Climber is named Crazy and are treated to the various obstacles he’ll encounter throughout the game. We even learn that Crazy has an archnemesis named Dr. Dropper, who is the character that naturally is dropping things on top of your head at the most inopportune time during the game.

Images courtesy of the Arcade Flyer Archive.

Images courtesy of the Arcade Flyer Archive.

Crazy Climber Flyer 2 - Arcade Flyer Archive
Crazy Climber Flyer 3 - Arcade Flyer Archive
Crazy Climber Flyer 4 - Arcade Flyer Archive

That of course isn’t the worse thing that Crazy will have to face while trying to climb to the top of the building.
Crazy Climber Flyer 5 - Arcade Flyer Archive
Crazy Climber Flyer 6 - Arcade Flyer Archive
Crazy Climber Flyer 7 - Arcade Flyer Archive

Now check out this YouTube video by Steverd99 showing off some of the gameplay!

A big thanks as always to the Arcade Flyer Archive for always sharing their awesome scanned flyers!


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5 thoughts on “Crazy Climber Arcade Flyer Version 2 (1980)

  1. TheSixMillionDollarJedi says:

    I love this game. It’s nice to see Crazy Climber gets some love with the past few posts.

    When I was young a local gas station had this video game inside. I grew up in a very small town so full-size arcade games weren’t that easily accessible. Looking back, I’m surprised the gas station chose this game.

    I’m not sure where Crazy Climber ranks among the pantheon of arcade games but the station could have chosen Asteroids, Frogger, Pac-Man, etc. Something with more name recognition and popularity would have made more sense for this small local gas station.

    I’m glad they had it because I don’t ever recall seeing it in actual arcades in my area.

  2. Glad you love the game as much as I do, Six Million Dollar Jedi. I enjoyed this game so much that on the playground I would act it out on the monkey bars, including the ‘Go For It!” phrase.

    I was a lonely child. ;)

  3. Ark says:

    Lonely… and awesome.

    One of the only things that could pull us off the Big Toy at recess was playing Disc Wars on the open blacktop. Man, we could have played some serious Crazy Climber on that Big Toy.


  4. Loved this game for two reasons: it was a cartoony, fun game to play and it was always open- never had to wait to play. Guess that second reason could be seen as a bad thing to the manufacturer, huh?

  5. You are right, RetroArt! This game, marquee depicting a man screaming as he falls to his death aside, was incredibly fun.

    This was also one of the first games that I slightly dominated on, there was a weekend however when family members were visiting from out of town and I totally choked up while playing. One of those moments were I admit I was slightly bragging before…I can still feel the red in my cheeks. :)

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