The Magical Days of Atari Age Magazine

Every month in the early 1980s, I’d anxiously wait for my copy of Electronic Games Magazine to arrive. But, some months I’d get lucky, and a copy of Atari Age would show up too, offering me a second dose of video game goodness. This issue from the middle of Atari Age’s print run features Crazy Climber – available only to Atari Club members. The “magazine” details how to make a left-handed joystick (as a leftie, this still didn’t interest me) and, as you might expect mainly serves as a promotion for many upcoming cartridges. The Sneak Peeks section was particularly interesting, showing the pro-line controller that would eventually accompany the 7800. Even though Atari Age was little more than a glorified, multi-page advertisement, I treated it as hard-hitting journalism, reading and rereading every section many times until the next issue arrived.





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