1976 Shogun Warriors TV Commercial!

Shogun Warriors Toys
I’ve talked before about my love of the 1970s Shogun Warriors toys by Mattel, especially since I have such fond memories of playing with them one Christmas morning. It’s hard to beat the magic of fighting your Father in the living room and on the kitchen floor using two massive plastic toys to launch missiles and shuriken at each other!

I happened to stumble across this awesome 1976 TV commercial on JDYcus’s YouTube Channel and was amazed at how clear the picture quality is and felt I absolutely needed to share it.


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3 thoughts on “1976 Shogun Warriors TV Commercial!

  1. Never seen this commercial before, but I did have the raydeen one when I was about 12. It was second hand & (ironically) was missing it’s 2nd hand. It had the hand with the shield/dagger thing, but not the other one. It was also missing the belly-missile.

  2. mwentworth says:

    Sweet! My friend had all three of these big daddies, as well as the companion fist-shooting Godzilla. I stuck to the Micronauts, myself, but always admired the Shogun Warriors line.

  3. Mwentworth, the Micronauts are another of my favorite line of toys as a kid!
    I never was able to pick up Raydeen for myself, Drahken. Though I did have a coloring book for him and I was able to pick up a few of the diecast Shogun Warriors…though obviously they were tiny compared to the real thing.

    I think my mind is just focused on the upcoming Pacific Rim so I’m just pulling out all of these Shogun Warriors memories. :)

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