Remembering the Truffle Shuffle

Remembering the Truffle Shuffle


In 1985 Goonies rolled into theaters and rocked my summer. I loved the film and would see it several times in the theater, but a few things in the film have always bugged me and at the top of that list is the very famous, “Truffle Shuffle”. The shuffle is the cruel little dance that “Chunk” (Jeff Cohen) is forced to perform by a cackling, “Mouth” (Corey Feldman). As a kid I was shocked at the laughter during this scene.

I already hated that they called him “Chunk”, but that dance haunted me and made “Mouth” my least favorite character in the movie, In fact, it might have colored my opinion of Corey Feldman ever since.

For those of you not familiar, here is the truffle shuffle.

I still don’t think it is funny, but others must because this thing is on t-shirts, mugs and hats and is often referenced in popular culture. Now I know what your thinking, I should lighten up. It is just a movie. I am aware of this and it’s not like I can’t still enjoy the Goonies. I watch the movie a few times a year.

I was just curious to see if I was alone in disliking this particular bit of the film. Is it funny? Clever? Or do people just enjoy “getting a reference” to a film from the 1980s? I want to know.

Truffle Shuffle Art pictured above is by the very talented kad84.

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  1. Would it make you jealous to know that this man is my lawyer?

  2. It does! I hope he has sued everyone who made him Shuffle.

  3. Let him know that I modeled my physique after his image and will be making a video tribute at the Goonies house on our upcoming beach trip, before once again making an attempt to emulate a more svelte character.

  4. This is the absolutely first time I heard anyone complain about this scene.

    It’s kids being kids by cranking on each other. Maybe if they weren’t best friends, I would have a problem with this.

    Mouth & Chunk were my favorite characters.

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