Frame-Tray Puzzles

Frame-Tray Puzzles


How many of you remember these things from when you were little? I used to have about a dozen of them when I was a kid, though I can only remember two of them; This Welcome Back Kotter one and a Roadrunner one, which I believe is the same as this (but my memory of it is foggy):


Early in my puzzle solving days I would take a pen and trace the dents in the cardboard tray as a form of cheating. Later I stopped doing that but still kept using the dents as a guide. Still later, the puzzles became too easy, so I would up the challenge by doing them upside-down (IIRC, the puzzles fit in the tray both ways). Even later yet (I kept my frame-tray puzzles for a very long time, even when they were no longer a challenge I still liked the images) I found a way to
make them challenging again by dumping all of them out at once and having to figure out which pieces belonged to which puzzle. (Doing that with the Kotter one was easy though, because it was my only “real” image puzzle, all the other ones I had bore cartoon images.)


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  1. I had a Bugs and Tweety one that I was obsessed with!

  2. Now I keep seeing a Star Trek one of these in my head. I think I might have had that and one or two others.

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