Your Mom’s Peaches just Taste Better because of Fruit Fresh


This is what happened in my house once a week. My sister would stop at the produce store (we had one still) and pick up several pounds of assorted fruits. She would come home and put them on the counter. The sound of those paper bags hitting the counter was like chum in the water and within moments every member of the house was nosing through the bags to see what she bought. Within moments I would start eating something and my Mom would start chastising me for not cleaning it first. Then the cleaning and eating would start. Before we knew it a fruit feast was in full effect and dinner was ruined for the day.

This happened all the time and I always looked forward to it. Since out fruit never lasted, I also never understood why anyone would need fruit fresh. Who needs a peach to last 5 days when they could just eat the peach?

I always felt the mother in this commercial was a bit mean and seemed to take pleasure in publicly shaming her daughter.


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