1976 King Kong Glasses Ad From Burger Chef!
Image courtesy of space1970 blogspot.

1976 King Kong Glasses Ad From Burger Chef!

When I see things like this King Kong Glasses Ad from Burger Chef, it makes me sad. Sad that I did not have the foresight to beg for these things when they were throwing them out back in the 1970s. Oh, well. A huge thanks to the space1970 blog for the awesome ad you see above. While we didn’t have a Burger Chef in our neck of the woods at the time of the 1976 King Kong release, or at least one that I was aware of I was able to finally get my hands on two of the Burger Chef offered glasses last December and they feature John Berkey art just like this ad does.

Who else remembers seeing these ads while standing in line for you burger. The excitement at maybe getting one that turns into giddiness when your parent actually says yes. Eating your burger the whole time staring at the glass, wishing you could fill it with the Coke from you paper cup. No, says your parent. You need to wait till you get home and wash it before using it. That ride home was amazing as you stared into the glass with the sun or streetlights pouring through it. Those were great memories.

If you liked my memories of King Kong Glasses Ad, Make sure to check out fellow Retroist writer The Six Million Dollar Jedi’s Burger Chef King Kong Glasses TV Commercial!


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  1. Awesome glasses! I understand the movie wasn’t so great, but the promo artwork sure is!

  2. They are great glasses.

  3. I had me a King Kong glass when the movie came out.

    Loved that glass!
    Can’t rightly remember if it was a glass-glass or plastic one (I had a Superman The Movie and this, one durable plastic, the other a precious breakable).

    The movie was pretty terrific for the under-ten-year-old crowd, like myself.
    I still enjoy it for having those impressions flow back to me during the boring bits.

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