Stereo Music Demonstration Record by Radio Shack

I recently mentioned on the Retroist that it’s hard to explain what kinds of records I collect, only that “I know it when I see it.” When I saw this one, I knew it. From 1977 this is the “Stereo Music Demonstration Record,” recorded by Capitol Records for Radio Shack as a hi-fidelity demonstration record. I’ve heard about this record but had never seen one before, and I’m having a tough time finding out much information about it on the internet. I’m not sure if these were sold, used in stores to demonstrate stereo equipment, or possibly both.

For being 35 years old, the record itself was in very good condition and still plays great. If any of my friends who have only been exposed to mono music come over to visit, I will be sure to put this record on the turntable and wow their ears off with the multiple tracks of stereo music contained on this record.

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