All Aboard Vincent Price’s Time Express!


I have only seen one episode of the short-lived, “Time Express”. They only made 4 episodes of the series before pulling the plug. I am not sure why, the show was chock full of possibilities. It takes Fantasy Island adds some time travel and puts it on a train. I ask you, what is not to love about that? Price and Coral Browne played the roles of Jason and Margaret Winters, the hosts of Time Express and while the show has some supporting characters who ran the train, the real meat of the show revolved around the guest stars who would book a trip on the train to travel back in time and deal with an important event.

Here is a promo and the intro credits for Time Express. When I saw these opening credits, I was SOLD, only to be depressed when I found out the series went nowhere.


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3 thoughts on “All Aboard Vincent Price’s Time Express!

  1. Holy cow I never knew this even existed- THANK YOU!
    Vincent Price+time travel+railway train= Priceless!
    Well, actually “Pricefull”.

  2. I agree with RetroArt, I never have even heard of this series! Yeesh. I so wish it would have landed an audience and we had a couple of seasons worth to watch!

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