The Three Stooges Mask

My Uncle Joe has a Three Stooges Room in his house. One of the things he has hanging on the wall in that room is this mask.

That’s my daughter Morgan there in the middle. My Uncle has had the mask forever, and if you look through enough of our vacation photo albums you can find a picture of just about everybody in our family wearing it at one time or another. I have pictures of me wearing it, my wife wearing it, my son wearing it, and now my daughter.

Surrounded by Curly and Larry, there’s a bit of plastic hair at the top giving the wearer the illusion of having Moe’s famous bowl haircut, although the effect is slightly ruined in this shot by my daughter having her bangs in her face.

The average length of time between putting on the mask and the wearer getting poked in the eyes or having his or her nose twisted is about four seconds, at which point the mask comes off and goes back on the wall until the next visit when someone else will no doubt try it on and have their picture taken.

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