Remember the Gary Coleman Classic, “On the Right Track”?

On the Right Track is one of those movies that settled into a comfortable rotation one summer in the 1980s and dominated my life. I was a big Coleman and the idea of a homeless kid making his way in the tough big city and having a knack for picking winning horse was too much for me to resist. I had just recently taken my first train ride boarding in Newark Penn Station, that combined with my family spending 1 or 2 Saturdays a year watching the horse run at the Meadowlands was a potent cocktail.


I pictured myself, crammed into a locker at night and during the day being the center of attention in a frothing sea of grownup activity. They would not intimidate me, because I was street smart and had the gift for picking the ponies that they would all kill for.

In retrospect I am glad my family did not abandon me in Newark that year. I don’t think I would have lasted an hour by myself there. But I was able to conjure it up for the backdrop of my fantasies thanks to Gary Coleman and a movie that sadly has not yet been released on DVD (although it available for a very high price on VHS).

If only we could watch it online in 10 minute segments. Oh…yeah we can thanks to YouTube. Here is Part 1.


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