Toys That Almost Were: The 1993 TMNT Muta-Party Wagon

Image use courtesy of Vaughn Michael's Flickr Page.
Image use courtesy of Vaughn Michael’s Flickr Page.

I can claim that I was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan a few years before the animated series and toys made them Icons known throughout every school in the country. I even bought the Toys well into my young adulthood, though naturally I would just tell myself I was collecting them. I do not however recall ever seeing this page from the 1993 Playmates Toys catalog advertising the transforming Muta-Party Wagon!
TMNT - Muta Party Wagon 1 - Vaughn Michael
I was well aware of the Party Wagon that Turtle boys rode around the city in but I’m pretty sure I would have lost it if I had seen it doing something like this…
TMNT - Muta-Party Wagon 2 - Vaughn Michael
How in the heck could the Foot Clan be able to match a Ninja Turtle in a transforming exo-skeleton Muta-Party Wagon? Sadly the toy was advertised but never put into production. So at least I don’t have to feel too bad about not having this awesome looking thing in my toy collection, since it was in the end relegated to Toys That Almost Were.
TMNT - Muta-Party Wagon 3 - Vaugh Michael

A big thanks to Caleb Goellner over at Comics Alliance for the heads up on this! Make sure to visit Vaughn Michael’s Flickr Page to see even more of the 1993 catalog.


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