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I’m halfway through vacation, and I’m still finding some great retro ebooks. I just found (and read) two about the 80s or G1 (and only real) Transformers.

The first is a brief memoir of one man’s experiences with the G1 Transformers. That man is Charles Smith and his book is called Transformers: Memories From Childhood. This is a short, self-published book, so it might not have the polish if professionally edited books. But it records some sincere thoughts about things that were important to the author. That’s what I look for, so I highly enjoyed it. Find it for 99¢ at


The second is called Bumblebee and Me: My Life As A G1 Transformer. In it, Dan Gilzevan, the voice if Bumblebee from the original cartoons, gives his experiences recording the show. Some have complained that the book is too short, but I enjoyed it for what it was. Find it on fir $2.99.



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