“Corman’s Drive-In” Opens On YouTube June 13!

Roger Corman
I have been lucky enough to see a few of legendary film Director and Producer Roger Corman’s works at the local drive-in when I was younger. Battle Beyond the Stars, Humanoids From the Deep, Piranha, and Q – The Winged Serpent to name a few. Roger Corman is linked to hundreds of movies but is perhaps more known for the talent he has worked beside and cultivated in front and behind the camera throughout the years. Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Jack Nicholson, Joe Dante, Ron Howard, James Cameron, George Peppard, John Saxon, Robert Vaughn, Francis Ford Coppola, Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Sylvester Stallone, and William Shatner are some of the people who can credit Corman for continuing their careers or even their starts in film production.

Image from Little Shop of Horrors courtesy of Corman's Drive-In.
Image from Little Shop of Horrors courtesy of Corman’s Drive-In.

Roger Corman after leaving American International Pictures in the late 1960s started up his own company called New World Pictures, in addition to continuing to make movies for his own company he also was instrumental in getting the film works of Ingmar Bergman, Akira Kurosawa, Federico Fellini, François Truffaut released in America.

Today we received this bit of information, an announcement that the famed filmmaker will open up a subscription based ‘Drive-In’ on YouTube tomorrow. For $3.99 a month, film fans receive access to 30 films (The press release states the selection will be refreshed and rotated regularly) from the Corman library as well as get behind the scenes features and ‘Corman’s Take’ which will allow Roger Corman and Julie Corman to share anecdotes and trivia about the films presented.
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From the Press Release:

“Corman’s Drive-In” Opens on YouTube June 13

Iconic Hollywood Filmmaker Roger Corman’s Subscription-Based
Channel Launches With 30 Films, Sneak Peeks and Exclusive

HOLLYWOOD, June 11, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rebel filmmaker Roger
Corman and producer Julie Corman had a tough time handpicking 30 titles
from their vault of 400 films to launch their new “Corman’s Drive-In”
channel on YouTube. The indie icon popularized genres like dystopian
biker flicks, cross-species mutants, space operas and women-in-cages.
The final selection appeals to the largest possible segment of
YouTube’s estimated one billion plus unique users.

“I cast Jack [Nicholson] in his first few pictures,” explained Roger
Corman, who discovered Nicholson in an acting class. “They’re some of
his best performances. We’ll release those along with other cult
classics and some modern titles. We’ll screen the best pictures from
all six decades.”

Julie Corman added: “This is a brave new world. Roger has always been
on the cutting-edge and now he’s paving the way for independent
filmmakers by testing a new distribution platform. Streaming our films
opens them up to future generations of fans.”

In addition to the 30 movies available on “Corman’s Drive-In,” there
are also sneak peeks of upcoming features, like Sharktopus vs.
Pteracuda; and exclusive anecdotes from Roger and Julie themselves,
presented as “Corman’s Take,” which reveal behind-the-scenes insights
and trivia. Subscribers will also be able to view an interview with the
special effects team from Dinocroc and special edition extended
trailers for many of the films.

Offered as a subscription programming service for $3.99 per month,
“Corman’s Drive-In” will refresh its rotating selection of 30 movie
titles regularly, along with “Corman’s Take” and other exclusive
content every month.

“Corman’s Drive-In” will also offer consumers a 14-day free trial

“Corman’s Drive-In” kicks off with Jack Nicholson’s debut
double-feature. First up is The Crybaby Killer, in which Jack makes his
film debut as a juvenile delinquent, who panics when he thinks he’s
committed murder. It will be followed by Little Shop of Horrors, a
crazy beat-era classic film which Corman famously shot in just 2 days
with a young Jack playing a masochistic dental patient. Of course, no
Corman premiere would be complete without encore showings of Attack of
the Crab Monster, Piranha and Sorority House Massacre.


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