Television Fright Films and ABC Movie of the Week Ebooks

I’m still looking for reading material to enjoy on my upcoming vacation, and I came across two very strong candidates: Television Fright Films of the 1970s and ABC Movie of the Week Companion.
ABC Movie

Now I haven’t read either of these books, and I’m not sold on them yet because they are a little pricey in my (admittedly uber-frugal) estimation. However, they look awesome. The first has Kolchak on the cover and promises to discuss 150 made-for-TV horror films, while the other has the fetish doll from Trilogy of Terror on the cover and promises to review over 200 films including Duel, Killdozer, and Brian’s Song. As I said, the price is still a little steep for my tastes, so I haven’t bought or read them yet, but if anybody does, let me know how they are.


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3 thoughts on “Television Fright Films and ABC Movie of the Week Ebooks

  1. When you’re done with them, loan me the Fright Films one and I’ll loan you the Misfits of Science book!

  2. Damn, Television Fright Films of the 1970s is very much a book I wanted to write. I did a research article on TV horror films for my magazine Big Ole Face Full of Monster back in 2010, but midway through writing I found McFarland had already brought this out. Just about any topic you can think of in pop culture, they’ve scooped it.

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