Television Fright Films and ABC Movie of the Week Ebooks

I’m still looking for reading material to enjoy on my upcoming vacation, and I came across two very strong candidates: Television Fright Films of the 1970s and ABC Movie of the Week Companion.
ABC Movie

Now I haven’t read either of these books, and I’m not sold on them yet because they are a little pricey in my (admittedly uber-frugal) estimation. However, they look awesome. The first has Kolchak on the cover and promises to discuss 150 made-for-TV horror films, while the other has the fetish doll from Trilogy of Terror on the cover and promises to review over 200 films including Duel, Killdozer, and Brian’s Song. As I said, the price is still a little steep for my tastes, so I haven’t bought or read them yet, but if anybody does, let me know how they are.


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