“Magnitude” By Steven Daily Is Just Awesome!

Image courtesy of Steven Daily and the Ltd. Art Gallery.
Image courtesy of Steven Daily and the Ltd. Art Gallery.

We’ve all had this talk before with a close friend and I’m sure it went something like this:
“Hey, my best friend. Who is the greatest character from the Star Wars Universe?”
“Well, my best friend too, I would have to say it is Admiral Ackbar!”
“You are right! That is why we are best friends!”
Then at that point servers start bringing out ice cream and cake…and those servers tend to actually look like Capuchin monkeys…because they are in fact Capuchin monkeys…which is kind of how my dream logic works all the time anyway.

Anyway. It’s a well known fact that Admiral Ackbar is the greatest Star Wars character ever. Ever. To be honest Nien Nunb runs a close second. Thanks to the incredibly talented Steven Daily for a mere $245 before tax you can purchase a print of this epic painting of everyone’s favorite Mon Calamari now 100, no, 150% percent better than before because he is sporting a mustache!

Make sure to follow the link below the picture to secure your own copy!


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