Tulsa 23 Television Promos Featuring The Twilight Zone (1985)

The Twilight Zone - Tulsa 23
As I mentioned a couple of days ago with my post about the cult film Squirm, I first saw the film on a fantastic TV station that we got thanks to some powerful rabbit ears on the back of our color television. KOKI Tulsa 23 really was ahead of the the curve in regards to their programming lineup, especially with what was being offered around my neck of the woods at the time. This was the channel I would watch in the mornings before school to catch Transformers, G.I. Joe, the Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, and Thundercats. Sometimes I would wait until the school bus was coming up the hill so I could catch the very last seconds of a show before having to dash out the door and down our steep embankment so that I wouldn’t be left behind…on the occasion once or twice I didn’t make it in time that just meant there was time for me to watch Lost in Space and part of Perry Mason before having to call my Grandparents to take me to school.

My Father and I were really lucky to get Tulsa 23 but sadly in the 80s it seemed we were getting just too much interference from local stations for us to pick up the signal and we eventually stopped trying. Thankfully CMSL2002 was kind enough to upload this slice of 1985 TV history on their YouTube channel for everyone to enjoy. You’ll see a commercial spot for a local car dealer, a Newscheck, a promo for the Twilight Zone and Tuesday night showing of Bobby Jo and the Outlaw.


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